Friday, December 8, 2017

Mr.B Class Activity Pics Nov/Dec

Dear 3rd Grade Families,
Below you will find some recent pictures of Mr.B's class from Thanksgiving, the visit from Plimouth Plantation where they got to see lots of items people used back when The Mayflower crossed over from England, a couple of lucky kids even got to dress up! There are also a few from the recent lesson on Ecosystems with Change is Simple.
Amy, Your Class Parent

Silly Faces the Day Before Thanksgiving

Circle Time

Monday, September 25, 2017

Specialist Schedule 2018-2019

Mr. Belmonte
Grade 3
Room B20
978-921-6130 Ext. 258

Specialist time 2018-2019


Monday - STEAM (Mr. Anderson)

Tuesday - Music (Mrs. Stewart)

Wednesday - Art (Miss. Siepka)
Thursday - Gym (Mr. Jones)

Friday - STEAM (Mr. Anderson)